Darcy Dau

My life revolves around health and wellness! I truly believe in the importance of finding a career where your passions lie and talents are shared. When this is achieved, your potential for success, ability to help others, increasing self-gratification becomes exponential!


I am a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and an emphasis in Exercise Sports Science. I have worked in the field of nutrition for the last five years and have been a certified personal trainer for the last four. At Custom Fitness I have finally been able to find an avenue where I can combine my two passions into one with Health and Wellness Coaching.


My focus is on you and creating the best you possible! With the combination of the nutrition counseling and high intensity performance training, be ready to fuel the body and feel the burn with a combination of these muscle building, fat melting exercises!


The extent of one’s potential may only be discovered with the start of something new. I challenge you to exceed expectations as together we take your training to the next level and achieve the results you aspire. I specialize in functional movements with the use of a lot of plyometric and core stability strength exercises. This is the best type of training for sports performance and agility and wellness for a lifetime.


Healthy habits make for healthy living. Your body is your brand! Build it, respect it and represent it!!