We are a locally owned, independent, Minneapolis small business. Our objective is to get our clients in to the best shape of their life through various cross training methods designed to achieve results, develop skills, and have a great time.


Our staff is highly educated and trained through advanced class work as well as through extensive real-world experience. With thousands of personal training sessions and competitions of all types behind us, it has given us the knowledge necessary to know how to work with all different types of people no matter their age, gender, workout history, and current fitness level to achieve the type of goals they are looking for and make them healthier and happier while doing it.


Our facility is open and welcoming to all people and has a great variety of training equipment to “play” with. We have a fully equipped private gym so that your workout with your trainer is very personal and distractions are kept to a minimum. Workouts are designed around your specific needs and take in to consideration anything that may be individual to your body such as past injuries and exercise preferences. We really like to emphasize the advantages to cross training and developing all of your bodies attributes such as strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and coordination.


We are proud of our ability to work with and benefit clients of all types from the 20 something athlete that is preparing for athletic competition to the 75 year old individual who is trying to maintain strength and bone density as they age to keep their body highly functional for as long as possible. Many of our clients are busy professionals who understand the value of having a set appointment with a prepared, personalized workout so that it fits in to their day and offers them all of the tools that they need for making their body look better and get drastically healthier along the way.